Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE)

What if you were able to help just one person, would it make a difference?

Laubach Way to Reading

Being able to read is very important to me because most of the things I do involve reading and to tell someone you don’t know how to read—that is super secret. I spent so much of my life faking it and putting effort into deceiving people to think that I could read…. But NOW I feel much better about myself when I see something and I can actually read it! The one to one tutoring really works.

Student Testimonial

These are the best two hours of my week. To watch a student grow and change and to know that I was really able to help…wow…

Tutor Testimonial

Yes–one to one literacy education works and it changes lives.
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Teach an Adult to Read

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To the right is a picture of the ABLE entrance at 520 Graydon Ave.

Adult Basic Literacy Education

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

520 Graydon Ave Norfolk

625-6763 ext 12