Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers:

Represents the congregation by assisting the priest at liturgy. Open to 4th graders to adults. Training provided and renewed as needed.
Contact: Kent Rhodes

Eucharistic Minister:

Distribute Eucharist during liturgy. May also
be asked to take communion to the hospitalized and home-bound. Training provided.
Commitment: 2-4 Liturgies per month
Contact: Diana Kreider at


Proclaim the Word of God during liturgy. Training provided.
Commitment: 2-3 liturgies per month
Pat Walsh

Ushers / Greeters:

Greet/assist community at worship. Pass out worship aids/bulletins, take up collection, provide direction at communion time, and attend to arising needs during liturgy.
Commitment: 1-2 liturgies per month
Gary and Francesca Smith –


Leads congregation singing at weekend liturgies and other times as needed. Must be a member of the choir.
Commitment: 1 weekend a month
Dr. Jim Gallatin 625-6763 or


Leads congregation singing at 11AM Sunday liturgy and all major
feasts. Repertory runs from Gregorian Chant to music written in the new
Commitment: Rehearsal Thursdays 7:30 to 9PM, Service Sunday 11AM
Dr. Jim Gallatin 625-6763 or

Contemporary Music Group:

Leads congregation singing at the Saturday evening liturgy twice a month. Members are singers and musicians (guitar, flute, piano, etc.)
Commitment: Weekly Rehearsals on Sunday at 4pm, Service on Saturdays twice a month
Contact Mary Rubino –

Behind The Scenes

Liturgy Committee:

Responsible for general evaluation of the Liturgies. Meets Quarterly or as needed before special seasons (Christmas and Lent\Triduum\Easter)
Fr. Paul 625-6763 Once Every Quarter

Prayer Writers:

Plans and Evaluates parish liturgies.
Eloise Morton 423-2935 Weekly

Altar Linens:

Pick up, launder and return linens after weekend liturgies.
Contact: Diana Kreider at

Baptismal Garments:

Make infant, child and adults baptism garments.
Contact: Amy Woods

Bread Bakers:

Bake bread at all Eucharistic celebrations. Training Provided.
Connie Cartoski 489-0309 1 Hr / Month

Art & Environment:

Design/create church decorations for liturgical seasons.
Eric Singer 623-7917 3 Hrs Seasonal


Maintains inventory of candles, wine, hosts, etc. Water plants, polish candlesticks, etc. Parish Office 757-625-6763 As Needed