April 4, 2020

Dear Sacred Heart Parishioners,

Today, I was notified that a member of our parish staff has tested positive for COVID-19.  This individual is receiving the appropriate medical attention.  Likewise, as with most of our staff, the individual has been working remotely since March 22, 2020 and, therefore, has not been present in the parish office or church since that time.

Following government and diocesan protocols, I immediately notified local health officials and our diocesan officials to make them aware of the situation.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the Church will remain closed and it will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Please keep visiting the parish website and Facebook page for any updates on the Holy week Liturgical celebrations. The confessions on Saturdays are cancelled until further notice.

In addition, all staff members will work remotely. We will review any options after the facility has been thoroughly disinfected.

Out of care and concern for every staff member and parishioner, I urge you to contact your primary health care provider immediately if you feel ill.

If you have any questions, please contact me at: 757 9175830 or frpaul@sacredheartnorfolk.org

As we enter into this unusual Holy Week, please join me in praying for this individual and all who are affected by COVID-19 at this time.

In Christ,

Fr. Paul Muyimbwa