Pastor’s Christmas Message
Dear Parishioners,
“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light” (Isa. 9:1). In the darkness of the Covid-19 pandemic which engulfs us Christ is our light. It’s time for us to pause and see this Light and feel its warmth. As we celebrate Christmas Masses as one big parish family, may the light of Christ illumine your ways and fill your homes. 
All the readings for all the various Christmas liturgies proclaim the same mystery: The Incarnation. God not only authors life and sustains it, he chooses to become one of us. Whatever the circumstances of your life right now; grief or joy, struggle or success, faith or doubt, love or betrayal, Jesus has lived it himself, and he longs to live it with you. Allow Him to enter into your moments and give you the life for which you were created.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to our parish this past year. The giving of your time, talent and treasure to the Lord continues to reflect God’s presence in our community. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to make our Christmas celebrations truly wonderful despite the current pandemic. Additionally, a special thank you to our staff and the devoted members of the various ministries in our parish and especially to those few who work quietly, behind the scenes all the time to make our parish vibrant.
My Christmas message this year is to challenge all of us to become more involved. It is not so much a question of giving more; it is a question of giving more of ourselves. Moreover, that’s what God did when he entered our world at the first Christmas. God will fill us with His peace if there is room for Him in our lives. 
In closing, my only prayer today, that you, your family and homes be filled with the Blessings of Peace, Joy and Love. At the same time, I thank you all, most sincerely for your thoughtful prayers, inspiring Christmas greetings and priceless gifts. May all my dear parishioners be over shadowed with the mighty and powerful blessings of the Baby Jesus. . ., the Emmanuel.
Fr. Paul Muyimbwa