Catechetical Sunday 

September 19th

The word “catechesis” means “to echo.” Literally, we are to echo the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. This is not a suggestion; it is a command of our Lord. Some people are called and set apart in our communities as catechists, those formally trained and charged with passing on the Gospel to children and adults, inside and outside of our communities. On Catechetical Sunday, we acknowledge them and remind ourselves of the need for formation and growth in all of us. To be a catechist is a privileged calling, and today be sure to say “thank you” to one in your community.


However, it would be wrong on this day to only look to those bearing the NAME of catechist for an echoing of good news. ALL of us are called to echo and share the Gospel message. Parents are the first and primary catechists in a child’s life. But we also are important catechists in the lives of our coworkers, our spouses, our relatives, and our friends. Some say catechesis begins in the home, and while that is true, it carries with it a parent/child connotation. But where does catechesis really begin? It begins in the HEART. This year on Catechetical Sunday, may your heart be moved to motivate you to share with others the good news of Jesus Christ. @LPI 


Thank you to all those who have served and do serve as Catechists, models of faith, to others. Fr. Paul